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Increasing Revenue Through Packaging


Getting the best packaging for the best price?

Packaging is more than just a container for a product. It delivers a brand message, communicates points of difference and creates a personal connection.  The package is what convinces the customer to make the first purchase, the product is what keeps them coming back.

We bring the packaging market to you. Unlike manufactures and distributors who are limited to specific product lines, PakRev presents you with all styles, materials and decoration.  Once you have selected your packaging, we shop your business to ensure you are paying the best price.

PakRev is a complete solution. Our expertize and services include contract negotiation, procurement, inventory management, coordinating large scale bids and more. PakRev creates a single point of contact for all of your packaging needs, freeing up your time to focus on your business.    


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Consumer's tastes are changing and looking for healthier options with smaller portion sizes. Companies are finding success by using clear packaging, unique shapes/sizes and enhanced decoration to showcase products.


The nutracutical market is broadening to include functional ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and probiotics creating a surge in growth. This growth has lead packaging companies to create innovative packaging that provides functionality and conveininace that is environmentaly friendly.


The global nonalcoholic beverage market size was valued at $967 billion in 2016. Successful companies recognize that consumers are getting smarter and focusing on health conscious and value oriented products. These companies are selecting packaging that highlights those features in their prodcuts.

Home care

Consumers increasingly value simplicity and efficiency in products that support life on the go. Brands are leveraging custom packaging to showcase innovations that demand higher price points.


Personal Care

The growing population invites more companies to participate in the personal care market. Companies who wish to compete need to make sure their package enhances people lives through improved convenience, discretion and appearance.  


The chemical market is evolving. Packaging trends are forcing businesses to changing usage patterns impacting size and types of packaging. Consumers are demanding more recyclable containers and smart companies are using graphic decoration for differentiation.


Packaging can be theater, it can create a story
— Steve Jobs