What We Do

Remove burdens, increase revenue. 

Consulting Services

Selecting the right packaging for your product can be a difficult and daunting task. Our experts spend time learning about your business and help you choose a package that will attract customers and display your company's identity. We make sure our customers gain efficiencies by selecting packaging that preforms in the filling process and drives savings throughout the supply chain process.

 Supply Chain Management

The best package in the world is only good if it is delivered on time. We understand the challenges long lead times and managing inventory can have on your business. PakRev has several programs that ensure our customers security of supply.


The biggest value we bring to our customers is leveraging our knowledge of market pricing to ensure they are buying intelligently. Our representatives will negotiate on your behalf and walk you through the savings. PakRev's customers are often surprised and comforted by our level of transparency.

In addition, PakRev also offers billing services. There are more packaging options today then ever before. Finding the perfect package at the best price might involve multiple companies requiring individual purchase orders, a variety of different payment terms and issuing multiple checks a month. PakRev was created on the idea of being a one stop shop for packaging. Let us take on the burden of coordinating orders and managing payments.

RFQ / Bid Process Management

Leveraging the competitive landscape is one of the best ways to drive down costs. PakRev knows all the players and can organize a successful bid campaign. Our team will put together a mulit-level evaluation of the best suppliers in the world. After expirancing a PakRev bid, you will be confident you are getting the best quality at the best price.

Reporting and Analytics

Business leaders understand how important data is to making critical decisions and understanding trends. PakRev monitors your business and offers customizable reports specifically for your business.